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20 november 2007

NARA nieuwe archieven openbaar 4de kwartaal 2007

Nieuwe archieven openbaar, 4de kwartaal National Archives and Records Administration (Nationaal Archief USA). Hieronder een kleine selectie:

Records of the Central Intelligence Agency
Files relating to the Berlin Tunnel Operation, 1968.

Records of the Federal Aviation Administration (Record Group 237)
Southern Regional Headquarters, College Park, GA, Civil Rights Complaint Files, 1996.

Records of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff
Files relating to the National Security Council, 1966–68; Official Joint Staff case files relating to the EC-121 Shootdown Incident, 1969; Official Joint Staff case files relating to the Pueblo Incident, 1968–69

Records of Temporary Committees, Commissions, and Boards
General Records and Index to General Records of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, 2003–2006.

General Records of the Department of Education
Elementary and Secondary School Civil Rights Surveys, 1968–98.

Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Langley Research Center, Management Files, 1987–96.
Ames Research Center. News Media Files (1949–86) and Records of Top Management Officials (1987–96).

General Records of the Department of Energy
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Engineering Division. Project Planning and Design Files (1956–81), Project Planning and Design Files (1966–81), and HILAC (Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator) and SuperHILAC Photos (1958–76).
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Nuclear Science Division, Scientists' Papers—Lee Schroeder (1968–76).

John F. Kennedy Library
Three additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection, including the papers of Mark A. Soden, navy pilot and roommate of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., crew lists, correspondence, and photos of JPK
(source NARA/ Het Archiefforum)

De complete lijst van de nu beschikbare archieven kunt u lezen op: Accessions and Openings for the 4th Quarter FY 2007.

(dank: Chido Houbraken)

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