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31 januari 2008

NSA wil openheid Rosenberg rechtbank archieven

Julius en Ethel Rosenberg in 1953
terechtgesteld vanwege spionage voor de
Sovjet Unie. Ze zouden atoombom geheimen
hebben doorgespeeld aan Russische geheime agenten

National Security Archive (NSA) and Historical Associations Petition for Release of Rosenberg Grand Jury Records

More Than 50 Years After Spy Trial, Public Interest Outweighs Privacy, National Security Concerns

The National Security Archive, along with several leading U.S. historical associations, today is filing a petition in federal court in New York City for the release of grand jury records from the 1951 indictment of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were accused of running an espionage ring that passed American atomic secrets to the Soviet Union, convicted of spying, and executed in 1953.

Bron en meer info: website NSA