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23 mei 2008

Dagboek Anatoly Sergeevich Chernyaev

Today, the National Security Archive publishes its third installment of the diary of one of the main supporters of Mikhail Gorbachev and strongest proponents of glasnost during the perestroika period in the Soviet Union -- Anatoly Sergeevich Chernyaev. This section of the diary, covering two key years of history, is being published in English here for the first time.

These diary entries cover the two most successful years of Soviet perestroika -- the years when Gorbachev enjoyed immense popularity both at home and especially in the West, and before the conservative opposition to reform began to coalesce, leading eventually to the coup of August 1991. Beneath the surface, however, these processes were already beginning to rock the reformers' boat, and Chernyaev, subtly but precisely, notes the first signs of this agitation in these pages.
(bron: persbericht NSA)