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7 april 2009

Fujimori Verdict Expected this Morning in Peru

National Security Archive Posts Declassified Evidence Used in Trial

U.S. Documents Implicated Fujimori in Repression, Cover-up of Human Rights Crimes www.nsarchive.org

- As Peruvians and the international community await the verdict in the human rights trial of former president Alberto Fujimori, the National Security Archive today posted key declassified U.S. documents that were submitted as evidence in the court proceedings. The declassified records contain intelligence gathered by U.S. officials from Peruvian sources on the secret creation of "assassination teams" as part of Fujimori's counterterrorism operations, the role of the Peruvian security forces in human rights atrocities and Fujimori's participation in protecting the military from investigation.

In September 2008, Archive Senior Analyst Kate Doyle gave expert testimony in the trial on the nature of the 21 U.S. documents that were submitted to the court as evidence by the prosecution team. During her testimony she noted that the documents reflected the conclusions of the U.S. Embassy that Fujimori had engaged in a "covert strategy to aggressively fight against subversion through terror operations, disregarding human rights, and legal norms."

Visit the Archive's Web site for more information: www.nsarchive.org
(source: NSA)