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28 juli 2009

Records destruction in Honduras

Bron: From: Alejandro Delgado Gomez
Date: 2009/7/26
Subject: [Aus-archivists] records destruction in Honduras
To: aus-archivists@archivists.org.au, archives@forums.archivists.org, arcan-l@mailman.srv.ualberta.ca

Please, excuse cross-postings.

Since we’re developed countries, with serious concerns on transparency, censorship, freedom, etc., I thought I should roughly translate some uncomfortable excerpts of messages distributed in Spanish-speaking listservs on the situation of records and heritage in Honduras, after the quite fascist Micheletti’s coup d’état (I admit I can’t forget Ronald Reagan triggered current situation in Central-America, although I also admit Spain is ignoring this situation):

Ms. Myrna Castro, new Minister of Culture in Honduras, supported by Micheletti and seemingly well-known as defender of physical burning of books, has just dismissed Ms. Natalie Roque and Ms. Rebeca Becerra, heads of National Archives and Book, respectively, and well-known democrats. Some of the first measures adopted by the new Minister involve destruction of records and press releases on Micheletti’s past, as well as prohibition of publication and access to public records, cancellation of literacy campaigns, closing of the Center for Historical Research, which has become literally barracks, etc.

Condemnations/Rejections will be welcomed.


Alejandro Delgado Gómez
Servicio de Archivo y Bibliotecas del Ayuntamiento de Cartagena
Archivo Municipal

(met dank aan Rutger Suir)