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2 september 2009

UN Archives and Records

UN Archives and Records Management (UNRRA) finding aids have been encoded and converted in EAD format. They are now available online or in our online database.
Other finding aids (Department of Trusteeship and Information from Non-Self Governing Territories, United Nations Emergency Force I and II, Treaty, Field service and successory bodies) are also available online.

Records of the predecessor organizations :
International Penal and Penitentiary Commission
Preparatory Commission for United Nations
United Nations Conference on the international Organization
United Nations Information Organization
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Country missions
Austria Mission
Belgium Mission
Byelorussia Mission
China Office
Czechoslovakia Mission
Denmark Mission
Ethiopia Mission
Finland Mission
Germany Mission
Greece Mission
Hawaii Procurement Office
Hungary Mission
India Mission
Italy Mission
Korea Mission
Latin America Procurement Offices
Luxembourg Mission
Mission to the Dodecanese Islands
Norway Mission
Offices in France
Philippine Mission
Poland Mission
South West Pacific Area Office
Sweden Mission
Switzerland Mission
Turkey Mission
Ukraine Mission
Balkan Mission and Middle East Office
Yugoslavia Mission
European Regional Office
ERO Registry Files
ERO Subject Files
Trieste Port Office
Office Headquarters
Bureau of Administration
Bureau of Areas
Bureau of Services
Bureau of Supply
Controller and Public Information
Office of the Historian
Washington DC Headquarters
International Refugee Organisation
UNRRA Photographs
United Nations Temporary London Office

Records of United Nations Secretaries-General and Secretariat departments:

Department for Disarmament Affairs
Department of Administrative and Financial Services
Department of Conference and General Services
Department of Economic Affairs
Department of International Economic and Social Affairs
Department of Political Affairs, Trusteeship, and Decolonization
Department of Political and General Assembly Affairs
Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Political and General Assembly Affairs
Department of Political and Security Council Affairs
Field Operations Section
Office of the Under-Secretary-General and Assistant-Secretary-General
Political Affairs Section
Security Council and Political Committees Division
Special Assignments Bureau
Department of Special Political Affairs
Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs
Department of Social Affairs
Executive Office of the Secretary-General
Secretary-General Executive Office
United Nations Secretaries-General Records
Office for Inter-Agency Affairs and Coordination
Office for Special Political Questions
Office of Conference Services
Office of Financial Services
Office of General Services
22a. Building Management Service
22b. Field Service and Successory Bodies
22c. Office of the Assistant Secretary-General
22d. Special Assignments Bureau
Office of Legal Affairs
Office of Personnel
Offfice of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the Law of the Sea
Protocol and Liaison Office
Registry Section
Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold
Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim
Secretary-General Trygve Lie
Secretary-General U Thant

Records of United Nations Missions, Commissions and related:
Advisory Council in Somaliland
Commission for Indonesia
Commission for India and Pakistan
Commission for Eritrea
Commission for the Investigation of Greek Frontier Incidents
Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea
Commission of Investigation into the Death of Dag Hammarskjold, the Secretary-General, and Members of his party
Commission on the Racial Situation in the Union of South Africa
Commissioner in Libya
Conciliation Commission for Palestine
Emergency Force 1
Emergency Force 2
Fact-Finding Mission to South Vietnam
India, Pakistan Observation Mission
Korean Reconstruction Agency
Malaysian Mission
Mediator and Acting Mediator for Palestine
Mediator in Cyprus
Memorial Cemetery in Korea
Middle East Mission
Military Observers in Greece
Mission of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Cambodia and Thailand
Observation Group in Lebanon
Operation in Congo
Palestine Commission
Plebiscite Administrator for Jammu and Kashmir
Plebiscite Commissioner of the Trust Territory of Togoland under British Administration
Relief Operation, Bangladesh
Reporting Mission of the Representative of the Secretary General in the Dominican Republic
Representative in West Irian
Security Council Mission to Cambodia and Vietnam
Special Committee on Palestine
Special Committee on the Balkans
Special Representative in Amman, Jordan
Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Cambodia and Thailand
Suez Canal Clearance Operations
Temporary Authority in West Irian
Temporary Commission on Korea
Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine
Truce Commission for Palestine
Visiting Mission to Trust Territories in East Africa
War Crimes Commission
Yemen Observation Mission

Records of related organizations and conferences:
Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations Interested in Migration (1950)
United Nations Fund for Population Activities
United Nations Institute for Training and Research
International Statistical Conference (1947)
Round Table Conference (1949)
United Nations Tin Conference (1950)
UNICEF Emergency Operations Unit
UNICEF Office of the Executive Director