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23 oktober 2009

New database: journalists killed since 1992

Afbeelding: deel gegevens van Sander Thoenes,
op 21 september 1999 omgekomen op Oost-Timor.

New database: journalists killed since 1992. Zodat we nooit vergeten.
Sinds 1992 zijn er volgens deze database 758 journalisten omgekomen.


The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has released a global online database of journalists who have suffered violent deaths relating to their work since 1992. The database is designed to memorialize those who have died and to call call for justice in unsolved cases.
Three Latin American countries, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, are among the 10 deadliest for murder victims, with Colombia in third with 39 cases. The database is part of the CPJ’s Global Campaign Against Impunity, which seeks to pressure authorities to solve crimes against journalists, as no convictions have been obtained in 88% of all murder cases in the database.

The database provides
- Options to limit by year and country
- Interactive Map (Cursor Over for Number Killed, Double Click and Go to a Info Page for that Country)
After you double click, a page appears with pictures of those killed. Click on the image and you’ll find a bio about the person.
- Deaths by Type (by country)
- Deaths by Type (worldwide, since 1992
- Journalists Killed With Complete Impunity since 1992
- Statistical Analysis (Beats covered by victims, job, medium, gender, local/foreign, type of death, freelance, suspected source of fire, impunity
- Methodology

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