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10 december 2009

British Diplomatic Oral History Programme

The Diplomatic Oral History Programme (BDOHP) established with the approval and co-operation of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) creates a valuable new body of research material for the study of British diplomatic history.

indexed catalogue to transcripts of the BDOHP interviews is available on the Janus webserver (which contains catalogues of archives and manuscripts held in Cambridge), while the transcripts themselves are available below.
This material, which is being preserved and conserved at the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge, offers unparalleled insights into how British diplomats function and what really happened at crucial moments in their careers. It affords a unique account of important, and often unrecorded, events in international relations. It is increasingly recognised as a source of raw material by scholars, writers, journalists and researchers.
The BDOHP interviews former diplomats or other officials who have played a significant role in events bearing on international relations. The tendency towards greater openness in government has strengthened in recent years. Interviewees are encouraged by their interviewers to be candid and not to allow their instinctive respect for confidentiality to inhibit a frank description of what it is they have contributed to British diplomacy. They are however assured that what they say will not be published or put into the public domain without their permission or prior FCO clearance.
(bron: BDOHP )

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