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1 december 2009

ScienceWatch top 20

"ScienceWatch.com presents its annual “Top 20″ listings of the countries which, as of the latest bimonthly update of Essential Science Indicators, achieved particular distinction based on their papers published in Thomson Reuters-indexed journals from January 1999 through August 31, 2009, a 10-year plus 8-month period. The listings are confined to those nations, out of a pool of 148, which published at least 10,000 papers across all fields during the period."

Bron: Thomson Reuters

Ranking citaten:
1. USA
2. Duitsland
3. Engeland
4. Japan
5. Frankrijk
6. Canada
7. Italiƫ
8. Nederland
9. China
10. Australiƫ

Bij de ranking publicaties staat Nederland op de 14de plaats., maar als je kijkt naar het aantal aangehaalde citaten per paper, dan staat Nederland op de mooie 4de plaats, achter Zwitserland, USA en Denemarken.

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