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5 januari 2010

How to time travel by search engine

Mooi verhaal in The Independant van 4 januari: How to time travel by search engine.

Uit het artikel:
Millions of digitised pages of ancient newspapers can now be trawled for names and places, says Ian Burrell............
A further one million pages of the archive are about to be transferred from fragile, disintegrating newsprint to digital format. Editions of London's Morning Post and the Standard (which is tenuously linked to the existing free evening title of the same name) will become accessible online, along with a further 22 regional newspapers, including Dundee's The Courier, which is still being published.....
Simon Fowler, editor of Ancestors magazine, says the digitisation of the archive has transformed its value. "Until now, researchers haven't been able to easily use this resource. Now they can and it will provide a lot of new evidence about their ancestors' lives that can't be found elsewhere, as well as leads to new avenues of research..............."
Bron: The Independent

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