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15 januari 2010

Oddball Films presents ‘Down the Rabbit Hole

“Oddball Films presents ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, a program of condensed feature films, feature film parts and a collection unusual clips rescued from the cutting room floor from film labs and media centers across the country.
The program features films such as Camera Magic by the infamous NYC photographer Weegee (Arthur Felig), Fritz Perl’s ‘Gestalt Dream Analysis’ session at Esalen, Black America: Body and Soul, Part 2, narrated by Ray Charles and featuring Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Duke Ellington and more, The last reel of the 1943 feature film Tarzan’s Desert Adventure from 1943, Reel 2 of Radley Metzger’s infamous adult film, Barbara Broadcast, starring Annette Haven, Jamie Gillie and CJ Laing, See, a remarkable kaleidoscope of human oddities and animal antics. As usual we start our program with a new condensed version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.
 Plus! a ramshackle reel of replacement footage from shorts and features including Alcohol and YouSniffy Escapes PoisoningTelephone For HelpSerrina Becomes an AcrobatThe Red Balloon and much more!”
Source: Archives Blog Jan

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