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7 januari 2010

Oeps! Statement on the Notification Letters relating to the PII Information from the Clinton Hard Drive

Washington, DC…The National Archives authorized Experian to send more than 150,000 additional letters in December, notifying individuals of a possible breach of their personal information.

The notification letters are the second large batch to be sent in response to the discovery in March 2009 of a missing hard drive. The hard drive (a copy of another drive) contained personally identifiable information of thousands of people who interacted with the Clinton administration.

Previously, Experian mailed 26,449 letters on behalf of NARA. The new letters are the result of an ongoing effort to search the original drive for personally identifiable information.

The notification letters include an offer for free credit monitoring, identity theft insurance, and fraud resolution assistance for one-year, through Experian’s Triple Alert Credit Monitoring program.
(Persbericht NARA)

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