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15 februari 2010

BBC Archive: Treasure Trove of British Film

BBC Archive: Treasure Trove of British Film Goes Online http://bit.ly/aUBdda
But not for the Dutch http://bit.ly/d9IdZ2 . Hoe gaan we dat omzeilen? :-) Tips zijn welkom.

Update 16/2/2010
Twitter reactie van henkvaness  @EricHennekam Sure. To watch BBC outside UK I use http://bit.ly/8b1MYS

I live outside of the UK. Why can't I watch your programmes?

Unfortunately, due to rights restrictions out of our control, the programmes in the BBC Archive Project collections are only viewable from within the UK.

We do appreciate that there is a wider audience for this, and that this might be frustrating for non-UK visitors to the site. It's simply that it often costs more money to make programmes available worldwide, which would reduce the amount of programmes we can provide for free. Additionally, as the programmes were funded by UK licence fee payers, our first responsibility is to the UK audience. You should, however, be able to view the documents in our various collections.
(bron: BBC)

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