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5 augustus 2010

Fourth “Inside the Vaults" video

The National Archives US launched its fourth “Inside the Vaults” video short featuring a group of eight Army airmen who set out in 1924 to be the first humans to circle the globe by air.  On their journey over Arctic mountain passes and vast Indian deserts, they would lose half their planes and set numerous records to become what were dubbed the "Magellans of the Sky" (named for Ferdinand
Magellan, who led an expedition to circle the globe by sea in 1519).

Prologue staff writer Rob Crotty describes their journey in the National Archives' 2:24 minute produced "Inside the Vaults" video short:

More information on these daring men can be found in Crotty’s “Magellans of the Sky” article in the Summer 2010 issue of Prologue magazine, the award-winning quarterly publication of the National Archives:
(bron: NARA)

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