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16 augustus 2010

Nieuw-Zeeland Televisie Archief

In Nieuw-Zeeland was men laat met televisie: 1 juni 1960. (BBC in 1936). Sinds kort is er een site online met aandacht voor de televisiearchieven.

Van de website
The Television New Zealand Archive  (TVNZ)is New Zealand's largest audiovisual production library licensing images, sounds and music to customers throughout the world. It stores most of the locally produced programmes broadcast in New Zealand including news, current affairs, documentaries, sports, entertainment, and drama.

In addition, it houses the New Zealand National Film Unit collection. The New Zealand Television Archive holds the largest collection in the world of moving images recording the culture and heritage of Maori.
For commercial and personal requests of TVNZ footage go to:   www.tvnz.co.nz/footage
(source NZA) 

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