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28 augustus 2010


Actueel is de website van de European Library: a Roma Journey

From the website:
"A Roma Journey" provides a unique opportunity to uncover Romani culture in the Balkans and beyond. With the help of ground-breaking texts, photographs, paintings and recordings of traditional songs, this exhibition unravels the Roma’s rich oral heritage. Visitors can take a tour of texts in the Roma language as well as Serbian, English and French and share the experiences of this nomadic culture. Discover the first ever written dictionary in Roma- Serbian-German compiled in a concentration camp in WWII. With family photos and travelling tales, you’ll be transported back to life for the roaming Roma in the 20th Century.

“A Roma Journey” exhibition was made possible by the collaboration of the Department for Digitization of the National Library of Serbia and The European Library. Special thanks go to Mr. Dragoljub Acković, the exhibition curator and Romany expert, who is responsible for the majority of the content. Audio content is provided by the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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