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2 februari 2011

Pirates, smugglers and corrupt tycoons: Africa’s social bandits

FAIR has launched its new Transnational Investigation report, ‘Africa’s social bandits’, in partnership with 14 media houses worldwide. Today and in the coming days, 11 Newspapers in Africa and three in Europe are publishing the FAIR report feature, showing how ‘social bandits’ –such as pirates, oil smugglers and corrupt tycoons-  provide not only income, but also leadership and development to the communities where they operate. Notwithstanding the fact that ‘bandit rule’ is often harsh and autocratic, and by its very nature undermines surrounding legal processes, the case studies by FAIR also show that the ‘bandits’ fill a void that is created by failing state structures in Africa. In the case studies, the bandits’ activities result in communities’ allegiance to their authority instead of to formal government.

The FAIR report contains case studies on Somali pirates; the effects of pirate ‘investments’ in Kenya; Benines oil smugglers; Nigerian oil delta rebels and corrupt tycoons.

To see the full report (PDF): www.fairreporters.org/?home
(bron: FAIR)

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