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18 februari 2012

Geografisch zoeken in Europeana

Het kan nu! Geografisch zoeken in de gigacollectie van Europeana: http://europeana.eu/portal/map.html

Van de Europeana Blog:
Where are the items from your search results located?” and “How many of them are near you?” — just a cou­ple of the ques­tions we can now answer thanks to one of the lat­est enhance­ments to the Euro­peana por­tal. The devel­op­ment depart­ment at Euro­peana have been work­ing hard on a new inter­ac­tive search and dis­play fea­ture that enables you to locate and pre­view search results on a map.
 The map is auto­mat­i­cally pop­u­lated with the first 1,000 results from a search query and dis­trib­utes them on a multi-layered map (Open­StreetMap, Google Phys­i­cal, Google Street, Google Hybrid, and Google Satel­lite). Items are rep­re­sented by pur­ple cir­cles, the higher the amount of results per area, the big­ger the cir­cle. Clus­ters of cir­cles are dis­trib­uted furher and more accu­ratly as users zoom in on areas and regions of inter­est. When you click on a cir­cle, an over­lay opens with a list of all the records for that spe­cific loca­tion, dis­play­ing titles and geo­graphic coor­di­nates for each item. You can browse the results with­out leav­ing the over­lay and access records with a full page dis­play by click­ing the title. The map is touch and swipe sen­si­tive so it is pos­si­ble to inter­act  with the new map from devices such as the iPad and Android tablets.

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